The munchkins leave the Dürrnberg

At former times the miners seldom had clocks at their homes and so they often came late to work.

At the time of Maria Theresia the circumstance should be stopped - and now after the fifth tone of the bell there should be a wake up ringing. But in the saltmine lived many munchkins, who worked quiet and diligent and not seldom a miner found his work done, when he reached his working place in the morning. One day the ringing of the bells scared the munchkins to death.

They rushed in the mine forward and backward and were very sad. At least one of the munchkins said to the oldest of the miners, that the ringing of the bells made them go. He said:"We have to leave now, because we are not allowed to praise the Lord as you do." And so they disappeared and were never seen again.

An other legend tells, that in the year 1902 a great number of munchkins crossed the border at the "Neuhäusl". They were so tiny, that they could walk trough under the tollbar. The first of them weared a pennon with a strange sign on it. They talked to the people but nobody could understand them.

At midnight they celebrated a high mass at the Dürrnberg church. The people were so curious, that they leaned ladders against the windows and looked trough.

At the same moment it became dark and quiet and the munchkins were gone.

Holy Mary at the blockhouse

On the way up from Hallein, there is near the "Wegscheid" a blockhouse and in the wall of rock you will find a statue of Holy Mary.

The Holy Virgine is shown in a strange way, because her folded hands look down to the ground. The legend knows to say this:

One day a carrier, a very rude and brutal fellow, wanted to reach the Dürrnberg. As he reached a very steep part of the street near the "Wegscheid" his horses coudn`t go forward. He hit them and became very furious. He started to curse and to swear. In his blind rage he hit the statue of the Holy Virgine with his wipe. This hit stroke her hands - oh horrible miracle! Immediatly she put down her folded hands before the eyes of the carrier.

This sight affected him so deeply, that he became a better man, From this day on the statue hold her hands in that way.

The image of the Virgine Mary at Dürrnberg church

A poor siner, who hit out of anger and jealousy his friend, carved in prison an image of the Virgine Mary. As he finished it, he fell asleep. So he was found by the priest, who brought him his last meal before the execution. He found contrition and remorse in the facial features of the sleeping man. The judge came in and told him, that he has gotten pardon. Archbishop Wolf Dietrich assembled the miraculous image in the new Dürrnberg church.

[all legends from: Brettenthaler, Josef / Laireiter, Matthias: Das Salzburger Sagenbuch. Verlag der Salzburger Druckerei. Salzburg 1969]